The USA: We’ve selected the 6 most desirable cities in America to visit this winter

City breaks are one of many travel options that we have overlooked since the pandemic. No matter if you’re already in North America or are flying in, you can still explore the country by taking a city tour.

There are many entertainment options available, including immersive exhibits, Broadway shows and Michelin-starred restaurant, historical sites, and Michelin-starred dining.

Chris Thompson, Brand USA CEO, stated that cities are crucial because they offer access to a variety of USA experiences as well as the varied people who deliver them each day. He stated, “We know that visitors are eager to return to their favorite places and to explore more of the country.”

What are the most recent US travel regulations?

Nearly all foreign tourists must have their vaccinations up to date before they can enter the US. Children below 18 years old are exempted. Children aged under 18 years must submit a negative test within 3 days of their travel.

These new rules allow unvaccinated travelers to enter the country if they are not from a country with less than 10% of its population being jabbed because of lack of vaccine availability. A list of 50 countries was announced by the American government. Visitors must submit a negative test within 24 hours of leaving and provide a compelling reason for their visit.

The airline will verify that proof of vaccination has been obtained from an official source at the least two weeks prior to departure. Before you board the plane, air stewards can check your vaccination status.

We’ve compiled a list with the best 6 places in America to visit.

6. New York: Broadway is back

Broadway. The 41 theatres that line the famed boulevard in Midtown Manhattan have reopened.

There were other sources of income for those in the industry. A year without theatre was difficult. Some actors became bakers , and began selling their creations on Etsy.


According to the report by the New York State Comptroller (the chief fiscal officer for the state), New York City workers couldn’t find work in the entertainment and recreation industries during the pandemic.

Broadway’s return brings relief to the arts, and is good news for ticket sales.


With international travel opening up, the industry is slowly recovering. Tourists account for half of Broadway’s sales.

5. Washington DC: History is alive and well in Washington

DC, as it’s known locally, is home to more museums per square foot than any other city in the country. They are also open to the public for free.

It is worth visiting well-known institutions like The Smithsonian Museum and The National Museum of American HistoryAnother favourite is the International Spy Museum. You can find hidden spies and break codes, as well as be subject to covert surveillance.

The National Children’s Museum has reopened after 18 months of pandemic. This is an excellent option for families travelling with children. There is a SpongeBob Squarepants-themed “Lights, Camera, Ocean” exhibit, and a slime funhouse where you can go virtual. Many interactive exhibits are available about science, engineering and maths.


DC is a great place to stroll around because it’s both walkable as well as green.

People love to explore the outdoors. Rock Creek Park is a great spot to bike, hike and explore.


4. Atlanta: A city that offers immersive experiences

Atlanta, Georgia’s capital, is a popular tourist spot. Tourists flock to Atlanta to visit monuments and memorials that played an important part in the Civil War, as well as the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

It has become a major cultural, economic and transport hub. It is the most important airport in the world. You can follow your trip to the airport by making a flight to any of the 235 US destinations directly linked.

The Georgia aquarium is home to many marine species, including rare albino alligators and California sea lions. The sharks are the best part. The whale sharks can be scuba or snorkeled in the tank. Visitors who want to dive must have a certification in diving. If you don’t wish to get wet, however, you can still go through the aquarium’s acrylic tunnel to see the aquatic creatures swimming around.


Illuminarium Safari Experience, another immersive attraction worth seeing, is located at the Atlanta BeltLine (an old railway corridor in the city). This visual experience combines techniques from old films and virtual reality to enhance the imagery. Virtual Reality without glasses

You will be taken to Africa Safari where exotic animals can be found in their natural habitats. Real footage was shot at the safari location in South Africa Botswana Kenya Tanzania.

3. Orlando: Disney is the way to live

Disneyland is worth a visit every year, 2021 included. Disneyland Resort celebrates its 50th anniversary. It is North America’s most popular resort destination.

Cirque du Soleil and new rides like Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure are available. A Disney-themed show for kite flying is also available. They can be found in four parks: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park.

For bookings made before November 20, 2021, customers will be eligible to receive a Disney Dining Credit up to $950 (EUR820). The credit value of a Disney ticket added to a booking will be based upon a 14-night stay at selected Disney Resort hotels.


The thrill-seekers of Orlando will also love another attraction, the VelociCoaster. In June 2012, the VelociCoaster was introduced. This roller coaster is located at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. You will race through the jungle high above water, passing Jurassic predators, twisting and flying over land and sea.

This coaster has been called America’s most terrifying. One reviewer said, “Honestly, the ride was so frightening that I barely noticed dinosaurs. “

There are over 450 Orlando hotels that can accommodate any budget. From anywhere you may be, it’s easy to move around the city. Florida has a pleasant climate year round.

2. San Francisco: Where to Find Good Food

San Fran is well-known for its delicious cuisine. Six restaurants have 3 Michelin stars. This is the highest number of Michelin stars in any city.

French Laundry is a Napa-based fine dining establishment that has a long waitlist.


They offer tasting menus for as low as $350-plus (EUR300). Dominique Crenn is America’s only female three star chef and runs Atelier Crenn.

The Bay Area has many wonderful restaurants that offer great dining. Many restaurants have now added outdoor seating to make it safer for people to eat outside.

Because of San Francisco’s warm weather, al fresco dining can be a great choice.

San Francisco is an ideal place to escape from the daily stresses and enjoy high-quality wine, good food and great wine.

1. LA: A paradise for film lovers

Los Angeles is the ideal place to meet famous people. Many A-List actors and musicians hail from Los Angeles.

West Hollywood is the best place to spot them. They can be found walking along Sunset Boulevard sipping skinny latte’s or dining at exclusive restaurants. APL restaurant is one of these hotspots, where directors like Jon Favreau or Jake Gyllenhaal frequent it often.


You don’t have to be a celeb stalker to appreciate film. The newly opened Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is located on Wilshire Boulevard. The museum was announced for the first time in 2011. Since its conception, it has been delayed due to pandemics. In September 2013, the museum was officially opened to the public. The museum will let you see famous Hollywood props, costumes and memorabilia.


These include the ruby slippers of “The Wizard of Oz”, the sled of “Citizen Kane” and the droids of “Star Wars”.

You can also take behind-the-scenes tours at nearby studios like Universal, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers. The Walk of Fame recognizes thousands of Hollywood Boulevard luminaries, and maps are sold to star homes by vendors.

LA is a vibrant, welcoming city you should visit. The city boasts 220 languages spoken by its residents.

Expect more people to visit LAX in the coming years, as the airport has received a $14 billion (EUR12 Trillion) modern makeover.