The Newly Launched Eames Institute Brings Insight into the Eameses’ Design Methodology

The Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity, a non-profit organization, aims to share the designs and problem-solving methods of two well-known designers. It aims to equip a new generation of creatives the tools they need to tackle today’s problems. The institution will showcase the Eameses iterative process through storytelling, programming, and archival exhibitions. It will also highlight the lessons learned from their method, making a large collection of personal archives, prototypes, objects, and other materials available to the public.

It is a dream come true to be able to share Ray and Charles’ legacy and to show their amazing process and broad-angled vision of design. Chief Curator Llisa demetrios, a granddaughter of Ray Eames and Charles Eames, said that she hopes the Institute’s efforts would inspire people to solve problems in their own lives. The new Institute will be joining two other organizations that are dedicated to the legacy of these two famous designers: the Eames Office (now owned by five grandchildren) and the Eames Foundation (established in 2004 by the Eames Family to protect and preserve the Eames House in Los Angeles.

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Three online exhibitions are launched by the Eames Institute. They place Charles and Ray Eames’ work in a wider context. Before They Were the Eameses focuses on the work of the two designers before they joined forces, highlighting their shared work ethic and mutual design values. Plywood During the War follows the Eames assistance in the war effort, while Exhibit 03

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The Eames Institute will be a new addition to the network of organizations that are passionate about Ray and Charles’ creative legacy. -Eames demetrios, Director at the Eames Office, and Chairman of The Board of Directors of the Eames Foundation.

The Eames Ranch is part of the newly formed Eames Institute. It was built by Charles Eames’s daughter Lucia Eames in the mid-1990s as a residence and artist workshop. It will be used as a laboratory to demonstrate the Eameses’ design approach.

Courtesy of Eames Office