Passengers will soon be able to travel to space in a giant, floating balloon

You might find the perfect holiday for you if you enjoy the Earth’s curvature while sipping champagne.

Space Perspective, an American company, plans to transport tourists into space in large hydrogen balloons.

It also revealed the interiors of its capsules this week.

The company plans to enter the space tourism market, at a time when it is growing rapidly. Already, more than 600 tickets were sold.

Space Perspective

What do the space balloons look like inside?

Large windows with high ceilings, soft seats, purple tones, and subdued lighting… These are the images that have been used so far. It’s a stark comparison with competitors’ space capsules which are often white and sanitised.

The new Neptune “ships” also include a bar and WiFi, as well as spectacular views from every nook and corner.

The cost of the trip is $125,000 (EUR114,000 per person) and can be taken by eight people (and a pilot), up to 30 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

Although there is no weightlessness at this altitude, it is significantly lower than that of other space tourism companies.

The space balloon will not fly as high as other aircrafts (80km for Virgin Galactic, 100km for Blue Origin), but it will still be higher than planes that can fly up to 10km.

Jane Poynter is the co-founder of the company. She says that passengers will rise “above 99% of the atmosphere”.

AFP/ Space Perspective

Poynter stated to AFP that she wanted to “really change the way people view space travel.” “What balloons enable us to do is take people into orbit smoothly and comfortably.”

Only the first 15 minutes and the last few minutes of a ride are when a seatbelt must be fastened.

When will the balloons go up?

The first balloon will leave Florida, USA, after it has been inflated with hydrogen. It is as big as a soccer field. It will rise for 2 hours, then remain at its peak for another 2 hours before beginning a 2-hour descent.

The company claims that there will not be any greenhouse gas emissions from the trip. This is a major criticism of space tourism. Space Perspective claims it will use hydrogen from renewable sources to power its ship. After a flight, the capsule and balloon can be reused.

Space Perspective claims it plans 25 flights in the first calendar year and that all tickets have been booked.

Jane Poynter says, “There is so many demand that the market’s ability to satisfy that demand for years will only be limited by that industry’s ability to fulfill that demand.”