New Mercedes-AMG EQE: hot EV saloon packs up to 677bhp

Mercedes-AMG’s new EQE 43 4Matic & EQE 53 4Matic+ has been unveiled ahead of their UK launch later in the year.

The four-wheel-drive Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 performance saloon joins the more powerful Mercedes AMG EQS 53 in a broader range of models based upon the EVA electric car platform.

The EQE 43 builds on the rear-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz EQE 350, which was revealed last year at the Munich motor show. It also features a second electric motor in the front axle. The synchronous unit, which is similar to the EQS 450’s, boosts the new four-door’s electric-powered output by 181bhp to a combined 469bhp to 643lb ft.

The EQE 53 is even more powerful with AMG-specific electric engines that include adapted windings, a higher voltage and a water lance to provide additional cooling. The standard unit produces 617 bhp and 701 lbft of torque, but an optional AMG Dynamic Plus Package can produce 677 bhp or 738 lbft.

This model is the most powerful AMG’s EQE models, with 7bhp, 111 lb ft and more power than its main electric-powered rival, the Porsche Taycan turbo, whose twin electric motors produce a combined 617bhp, 627lb ft.

The drive is sent through a single speed gearbox to each motor and all four wheels. This provides both the EQE 43 (with fully variable apportioning power) and EQE 53. The transmission oil can now be preheated at cold temperatures to improve efficiency.

There are four driving modes available for both models: Sport Plus, Comfort, Sport, Sport, and Slippery. In combination with the AMG Dynamic Plus Package, the EQE 53 provides an additional Race Start mode.

Mercedes-AMG claims that the EQE 43’s 0-62mph times are 4.2sec and the regular EQE 53 takes 3.5sec. The EQE 53 claims a time of 3.3sec, with the 60bhp/37lb added by the AMG Dynamic Plus Pack.

Like the EQE3-50, the EQE43’s top speed is artificially restricted to 131 mph. This speed is boosted to 137mph on the standard EQE 53, and 149mph on the EQE 53 with AMG Dynamic Plus. The official 0-62mph speed of the Taycan Turbo is 3.2sec, while its top speed is 162 mph.

Both models feature a 400v, 90.6kWh lithium-ion battery that has 360 individual cells. The battery can be charged at either 11kW or 22kW with an AC system, and up to 170kW with a DC system. This system claims to give an additional 112 mile range in just 15 minutes. Although the official range claims have yet to be made, AMG states that we can expect “something in excess of 310 miles”.

AMG has upgraded its electric motors’ performance and added a rear axle carrier to its EQE 350-based models. This new rear axle carrier features stiffer bearings with less play than the EQE 350. AMG-specific wheel carriers, suspension links, larger diameter antiroll bars and adaptive damping properties are just a few of the other developments.

The EQE 43, EQE 53 and EQE 53 ride 5mm lower than EQE 350. The suspension is also lower in Sport and Sport Plus modes, and Comfort mode at 75 mph for added aerodynamic efficiency.

The upgraded brakes include 415mm discs with six-piston front calipers and 378mm discs with single-piston floating disc calipers at their rear. Buyers have the option to specify carbon-ceramic front discs measuring 440mm in length and six-piston brakes at the front. AMG also reprogrammed i-Booster to improve braking performance and create an “optimised pedal feeling”.

Additional changes include the standard-fit AMG Sound Experience – a sound generator that provides the EQE 43/EQE 53 with a similar driving experience to the EQS53 across three modes: Sport, Balanced and Powerful.

Both AMG models receive exterior styling upgrades. The exterior styling upgrades include a new grille with vertical chrome-look louves and AMG letters, a contoured front bumper with bigger air ducts, wider sills and spoiler, and a lower section to rear bumper that includes a prominent diffuser element. The wheel diameters vary from 20in to 21in.

Buyers can also choose from a variety of exterior styling packages like the EQS 53. This includes an AMG Night Package in darkened chrome or black. You can also get various elements in carbonfibre.

The EQE 43/EQE 53 have a flat-bottomed AMG steering column with a rotary mode controller. They also feature unique digital instrument graphics, AMG sport seats, and new pedal caps, door sill trims, and Alcantara upholstery. The 1410mm Hyperscreen, which is also available in the EQE 350 model, can be ordered as an option.