Jaw-dropping photos of Budapest by Mark Mervai

Mark Mervai is one of the most talented photographers in Hungary. He has been taking photographs of Budapest since 2010, and it’s hard to believe, but he has never attended a photography course, but learnt the art by himself.

He manages to capture the beauty of nature and architecture in Budapest in a jaw-dropping way. In this article I have collected 10 of his most amazing photos of Budapest, that will surely make you want to visit this enthralling city.

1) Photos of Budapest – Spring, and the Liberty Bridge

2) Photos of Budapest – Sunrise behind the Keleti Railway Station

3) Photos of Budapest – The Danube and the Parliament

4) Photos of Budapest – Budapest upside down

5) Photos of Budapest – Ice on the Danube

6) Photos of Budapest – Heroes’ Square

7) Photos of Budapest – The foggy Parliament

8) Photos of Budapest – The foggy Chain Bridge

9) Photos of Budapest – Sunset behind the Liberty Bridge

10) Photos of Budapest – Sunrise over the city

I hope you found pleasure in looking at these beautiful photos. If you want to see more of Mark Mervai’s work