How to Hide TV Wires?

While we are moving towards a wireless world, many are still looking for ways to conceal wires and create a cleaner space. We have some suggestions for people who want to hide TV cables or cords from other devices in order to make the environment more comfortable.

There are many benefits to managing your TV wires. It makes your home more comfortable, organizes it, makes it safer, makes it easier to clean, and it can make your life much simpler. Here are some solutions to manage your TV wires, starting with the easiest and most easily accessible, through the most complex, which requires a professional architect.

Tribeca Loft / Office of Architecture. Photo: © Matthew Williams

Wall-Mounted TV Panels

A wall-mounted TV panel is a great way to hide wires. You can have them made for you or buy them from a retailer. There are so many options. These units must be mounted on a wall strong enough to support the weight of the material (usually plasterboard or plywood). Also, it is important to pay attention to drywall when installing them. It is important to remember to place the unit over a power outlet. Also, to ensure that cables don’t get behind the panel, you should leave approximately 5-7 cm gap between the wall and it.

Cores Apartment / Camila Fleck Arquitetura. Photo: © Denilson Machado – MCA Estúdio

TV stands and organizer boxes

A TV stand is a popular option. It allows you to conceal all cables from television sets, videogames, routers and receivers. You can also use an organizer box to hide cables from TV sets, routers, receivers, and other devices. This is a practical, low-cost solution that does not require drilling holes in walls. You can simply choose the box you like and make sure all wires fit inside. Next, cut a hole at the back to insert the cables. The front portion of the box will remain intact. You can eliminate the clutter of wires from your furniture and add style and color to your room by adding texture and color.

Curvas Apartment / Estúdio Lava. Photo: © Rafaela Netto

TV Mounts

Mounts for TVs can be tilted, fixed or full-motion. They can also be mounted on ceilings or walls. Mounts are placed behind the TV to not visually block the space. They can be used to support the equipment and hide wires. They can be either wrapped around the structure or run inside it depending on the model.

Apartamento Bossa Nova / David Guerra. Photo: © Jomar Bragança

Bespoke Furniture

Custom-made furniture may be an option for those who need more flexibility or want to make a statement in a room. It is possible to hide or alter the direction of the TV, as well as conceal the wires. This allows the same device to be used across multiple rooms.

Apartamento LVM / Felipe Rodrigues Arquitetura. Photo: © Pedro Vannucchi

Baseboards Cable Concealers and Cord Channels

Sometimes, especially in older apartments, there is no power outlet near where the TV set would be placed. You can hide wires with cable concealers to avoid major renovations. This allows you to create an atmosphere that is unique. If you are looking for something discreet, consider painting the channels the same color as your wall. Or using baseboard cord channels that allow cables through.

Casa do Marcos e da Júlia / INÁ Arquitetura. Photo: © Maíra Acayaba