Helsinki Redesigns Its Maritime Façade Through an International Competition

Helsinki is seeking to make Makasiiniranta a pedestrian extension of its city centre. This competition will transform a significant portion of Helsinki’s maritime façade. Nine international groups were shortlisted for the two-phase competition. They were anonymously made available for public feedback. Makasiinirantais, which is the last remaining part of the old harbour that has not been transformed, is now a valuable area of the city.

shortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competition

The competition was launched to find a solution that will integrate harmoniously into the South Harbour landscape and also display a “cityscape-related” quality. All proposals must be in compliance with the Helsinki carbon neutrality plan and assist in its implementation. This site also includes the future Architecture and Design Museum. It will be established by a separate competition.

We aim to create a unique and maritime Makasiiniranta where culture and leisure are always present, drawing people from all walks of the globe. Events, services, and the attractive trail through the maritime landscape all contribute to the expansion of the city’s centre to the South Harbour, while also increasing the viability of local businesses. Juhana Vartiainen is the Mayor of Helsinki.

shortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competition

The jury will select the top four proposals from the nine applicants to advance to the second stage. The winner design will be announced in autumn 2022. These are the shortlisted groups that will compete at this stage:

  • Foster + Partners, Maanlumo and Ramboll With Hines Nordics
  • HGR Property Partners, PES Architects, VSU WSP, Sweco
  • Consortium Gran, K2S Architects, White Arkitekter, Ramboll, HTJ
  • Merellinen Helsinki 2030, JKMM, Loci, Ramboll
  • NCC Property Development Oy, and NCC Suomi Oy. (NCC. Architects Soini & Horto. AOR Architects. MASU Planning. Destia. Ramboll Finland. Salsa Concept.
  • Skanska CDF Oy and Skanska Talonrakennus Oy (Skanska Talonrakennus, ALA Architects, SLA S/A, Sitowise)
  • South Harbour (NREP, SRV, Anttinen Oiva Architects, Nomaji Landscape Architects, Sitowise)
  • AALTO Development LMA, NAKYMAOy Landscape Architects Sitowise
  • Elava Etelasatama (Alandsbanken, Tommila Architects, Arkkitehdit Rudanko + Kankkunen, A-insinoorit, VSU)
shortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competition