Best Beaches In St Lucia For Living The Island Life

St Lucia has a reputation for its beautiful beaches. There are tranquil bays nestled within scenic national parks. While family-friendly beaches have super-clean sand, and safe waters. Are you looking to get more active? You can find great surfing spots on the east side of the island for water-sports enthusiasts. Are you still unsure which stretch of sand is best for your villa vacation in St Lucia. Continue reading to find out our top picks for St Lucia beaches for all types of tourists.

Grand Anse Beach is the best place to see turtles

Grand Anse best beaches in St Lucia

Grand Anse beach, located in northeast St Lucia is as hidden as it gets. The beach is also where leatherback turtles nest. During the nesting season, which runs from March through August, the turtle watch takes place. Grand Anse is remote and quiet. It can be difficult to reach (consider hiring a 4×4 vehicle or private tour), but it’s a peaceful place that’s well worth the effort.

Anse Mamin Beach is the best for eco-adventures

Anse Mamin Beach is a haven of eco-adventurers. The dark sandy beach is approximately a quarter mile long. It’s surrounded by dense jungle, so if you don’t want to take a dip in the calm waters, you can also mountain bike or hike around the Anse Mamin Valley. After all the adventure, stop by Jungle Beach Bar & Grill for a delicious burger.

Reduit Beach is the best for families

Reduit Beach St Lucia

This mile-long beach is loved by families for its calm waters, golden sands, and charming waterfront restaurants. This beach is one of the most visited in St Lucia. Make sure to arrive early to ensure a good spot and enjoy your day. This beach also houses the thrilling Splash Islands water-sports park. Are you still looking for entertainment ideas? Take a look at our top activities in St Lucia.

Anse Chastanet Beach is the best for snorkelling

This silvery beach, which is overlooked by the luxury resorts that are perched high on the hills, is a favorite among VIP sun-seekers. It is also popular with avid snorkelers due to the Anse Chastanet Reef, a marine reserve located just 10 meters from the water’s edge. You can hire equipment to take a Scuba St Lucia course, or just put on a snorkel to see everything from puffers to parrotfish to turtles to moray eels.

Marigot Bay is the best for film lovers

Marigot Bay St Lucia

Marigot Bay’s emerald green hills, shimmering superyachts, and towering palms will make it easy to understand why it has been featured in many Hollywood movies, including Dr Doolittle and Pirates of the Caribbean. This coveted enclave is made up of several small bays, but the main stretch of sand extends into the azure water, making it a beautiful place to sunbathe.

Donkey Beach is the best for rugged scenery

Donkey Beach, located in the northeast corner on St Lucia is one of the most beautiful and small beaches. It is located on the Atlantic Coast and not the best place to sunbathe, but it is a popular spot for walkers and photographers. Take your camera and some comfortable shoes to enjoy the more wild, undiscovered feel of this magical spot.

Best for water-sports: Anse de Sables

Anse de Sables beach St Lucia

Anse de Sables, which measures almost 2km, is the longest beach in St Lucia. It’s also the best place to practice water-sports. This windward beach is located in Vieux Fort, in the southeast. It allows you to do everything from kite surfing to windsurfing, kayaking, and stand-up paddling. For more information, visit the water-sports center The Reef Beach Cafe and grab a cold beer or fresh pizza afterwards.

Pigeon Island Beach is the best for getting out of your way

This beach is part of Pigeon Island National Park. The two small strips of sand make up the beach. They are often devoid of people and can easily make you feel like your on an island. It is surrounded by dense vegetation and calm waters. You may find that you have the entire beach to yourself some days. You can also look out for the tiny boats that come in to sell fresh coconuts. Take some time to explore this national park.

Sugar Beach is the best place to see the Pitons from:

Sugar Beach St Lucia

Everybody who has ever dreamed of visiting St Lucia will have seen the amazing Piton Mountains. The famous Sugar Beach, also known as Jalousie Beach, is our top choice for where to see them. If you aren’t staying near, this small cove offers stunning views of the volcanic peaks. It can also be reached by water taxi.