Airbnb rival hopes to revolutionise holiday home rentals in Europe

Prices rose across all travel platforms in order to offset the severe drought that has plagued the industry for the past 18 months. Many businesses took advantage of the opportunity to launch new channels or improve existing models. Expedia’s Vrbo platform was the latest to release its new format.

Airbnb is the dominant player in the property rental market, since its debut in 2008. It was easy to use, safe, and operated on a global scale. This set the standard for other companies to follow.

Expedia increased its investment in Vrbo last year, focusing specifically on expansion into the UK market and European markets. This branch of the Group is still in existence for 25 years, making it the first of its type. However, these recent changes will make it more accessible.

Vrbo helps holidaymakers and property owners.

Vrbo just launched a program called Fast Start to help properties that are added to the rental market get more visibility.

The site’s new listings are promoted to the top within the first 90 days. Reviews are also pulled from other sites to help them score. About:blank

Fast Start properties are those that have received a rating of 4.5+ from reviews and those that have earned more EUR2,300 or more in the past year. For the first 90 days, they will be displaying a ‘New To Vrbo’ badge.

This is a support group for those who are looking to list their first property and to increase rental availability worldwide.

What is Vrbo?

Vrbo (pronounced verboh) is a name that literally means ‘vacation rentals owned’.

What can other rental agencies learn from Vrbo

Hari Nair is the SVP Account Management at Expedia Group. She explains that “Fast Start eliminates the cold start problem new properties may experience when joining sites and taps them into the enormous traveller demand our website delivers.”

It helps both new hosts and current hosts with new listings to quickly get on our platform while maintaining their hard-earned reviews score.

Vrbo makes it easy for landlords and holidaymakers to access their property owners by prioritising them in this manner. This model allows people to quickly book their vacations now that international travel is available again.

Expedia claims that Fast Start has had a positive effect on properties joining the program, with a 25% increase in bookings.

Expedia Group’s Vice President of Partner Success Kevin Locraft says, “Since its inception, our data, insights and host participation in Fast Start show that there are strong positive outcomes for both the hosts as well as our travellers.”

Vrbo has been helping families and friends to find a place to live and enjoy time together for over 25 years.

This value has been undoubtedly increased during lockdown. Locraft says, “That mission endures as strong today, as it did when I started it, and we truly appreciate every host who is continuing this journey with me, at such an important time for the travel industry.”